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MessageCircle is an application that can be integrated on Customer Focused Operations Management solutions to meet both B2B and B2C needs.

It enables the creation and registration of all kinds of digital interactions with existing lead, contact person and company records in Dynamics365 or Dynamics CRM environments.

MessageCircle integrates with existing customer operational data, enabling the storage and evaluation of interaction data. At the same time, it is ensured that the masses are connected dynamically to the interaction data.

The MessageCircle modules are as follows:

  • MessageCircle | EMAIL – Bulk Email Sending and Reporting
  • SMS – Bulk SMS Sending and Reporting
  • MessageCircle | PUSH – Bulk Mobile Push Message Sending and Reporting
  • MessageCircle | Online Chat
  • MessageCircle | EVENT – Webinar and Online Meeting Submission and Reporting
  • MessageCircle | SURVEY – Online Poll Submission and Reporting
  • FORM – CRM Integration with Online Web Form Application
  • MessageCircle | CALL – Digital Switchboard Integration and Reporting