Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation changes our lives from the working environment in the office to our operational processes, from the areas of experience of our customers to the way we manage them and achieving unimaginable efficiency and activities a few years ago. With the technologies we provide from robotic process automation to a simple document management solution, we produce solutions for creating future business environments in all processes of our corporate customers.

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Why CRM in the Cloud

The following costs are saved in CRM applications in the cloud:

  • Hardware Costs (Application Server, Database Server, Backup Systems, Maintenance & Operating Costs, Server Resource Upgrade Costs)
  • License Costs (Server Operating Systems, Database Systems, Backup Systems)
  • Service Costs (Infrastructure Planning & Installation Services, IT Staff Costs in Technical Competence, Maintenance & Operation Costs, Upgrade Costs)

The following benefits are achieved in CRM applications in the cloud:

  • Ability to make & apply purchasing decision regardless of IT competencies
  • Fast results with a focus on direct business processes
  • Rapid scaling & dissemination of the application according to business needs
  • Upgrades by Microsoft

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HR Management with HRWorx

Do you want to manage all your end-to-end human resources processes with modern, secure and flexible software?

With HRWorx, you can easily register your applications directly from your web site and improve your entry process in a controlled manner. While keeping all records of your employees in the most secure way, you can enable your employees to enter, track and update their Leave, Cost and different personal information.

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What is DRMWorx?

DRM (Digital Relationship Management) is a new generation of customer relationship management solution for business lines that use today’s digital marketing channels very actively. With the increase in digital channels, almost customer interactions can be recorded digitally, and there is a need to store, report, analyse and interpret them around the customer and create new activities accordingly. DRMWorx presents this perspective with a ready-made infrastructure from the first day and forms the customer story focused on digital marketing.