Return Path Email Intelligence gives you the data-driven insight, commercial applications and expertise to maximize inbox placement and impact, protect your users and brand, and make your email program best in class.

Solution Paths

ReturnPath E-Mail Optimization


The right message, at the right time, to the right inbox means better relationships, greater reach and increased revenue. Email Optimization enables enhanced insights for better deliverability and more meaningful engagements.

ReturnPath Fraud Protection


The cost of a cyber attack goes beyond dollars and cents, it damages the integrity of a brand. RetunPath E-Mail Fraud Protection uses advanced fraud profiling data to respond to, and prevent, cyber attacks with greater speed.

ReturnPath Cunsomer Insight


The inbox provides a unique real-time view of consumer behavior - from brand affinity to detailed purchase records. ReturnPath Consumer Insight provides in-depth data across millions of global consumers enabling smarter decisions and better business results.